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Golden Groomer performs professional style bathing and grooming for all breeds and sizes up to 75 lbs. Each pet receives individual, caring attention from start to finish.

Our open service options allow a unique grooming experience for each dog tailored to their needs and yours. The bathing and grooming packages we offer include several complimentary benefits that we personally feel should be included in any pet salon special. Our flexible pricing is determined by size, breed, length and condition of coat. Call today for a quote or set up an appointment!

Blue Ribbon

The essential bath and basics: we begin with a massaging bath for your pup using our house shampoo and conditioners. We then fluff dry and brush them out to give you a soft, clean-smelling dog that feels refreshed.

Bronze Dog

A massaging bath using our house shampoo and conditioners. Thorough cleaning of the ears and anal gland expression to reduce carpet stains. Fluff dry and brush-out, then we trim their nails (including dewclaws).

Silver Dog

A massaging bath, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, fluff dry, brush out, and nail trim. Plus a sanitary trim and we crop the slippers. As an added bonus, we spruce up your dog’s face and tail to bring out their natural charm.

Gold Dog

The works! In addition to the Silver Dog treatment, we give your dog an official AKC standard haircut according to breed or owner’s request. We also throw in nail filing in with clipping, and de-shedding with brush-out.

Grooming add-ons

Every item mentioned can be added individually to any of the services as well as the following;


Promotes healthy skin and coat by removing loose undercoat for maximum results. Greatly reduces shedding.

Hot Oil Spa

It deeply penetrates moisturizers into skin and coats. Replenishes natural oils in the fur and it creates a luxurious shine.

Topical Flea Treatment

We apply highly effective flea and tick killing formula, rids and prevents parasites for up to 30 days.

Nail Polish

Adds style to your pet’s full groom experience! colors available can match bows and bandanas.

Teeth Brushing

Cleans built up plaque and tartar to strengthen teeth and puts a muzzle on that dog breath.

Specialty shampoos

Flea Bath

We use an all natural shampoo that safely extinguishes fleas and ticks and relieves skin irritation.

Medicated Bath

Combats bacterial skin conditions, and cools inflamed skin caused by allergies and hot spots.

Oatmeal Bath

With the help of oatmeal and aloe, it’s meant for healing itchy skin and eliminating odors produced by it.

Color Shampoos

For whitening, brightening, or enhancing your pet’s coat color, and restoring natural sheen.

De-Skunking Formula

Advanced formula not only for the close encounters, but for whatever he rolled in too!


Personalizing your pup’s experience?
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Express lane

All new clients will fill out a release form on their first appointment.

Or you can print it out ahead of time and bring it along with your dog’s proof of vaccinations by downloading it…